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4th ISCI World Congress will give answers the world is waiting for

The organisers of the 4th International Solar Cities World Congress have attracted an impressive amount of  experienced high ranking international speakers.  The close cooperation between the International Solar Energy Society (ISES) the Lo-cal Governments for Sustainability (ICLEI) and the International Solar Cities Initiative (ISCI) and their networks has resulted in a unique stimulating and inspiring speakers list.

Many Board and staff members of these organisations have contributed in making this first time close cooperation into a striking success. This will be greatly enhanced by the interest and support of high ranking Chinese officials who will give presentations on this congress.

The location of this congress in “China Solar City” Dezhou greatly adds to its attractiveness. Dezhou has a successful solar industry and the products of this industry can be seen all over the city.  

Solar collectors for Domestic Hot Water, solar driven traffic lights and public lighting driven by stored photovoltaic energy are “just normal” here. 

The Congress venue is situated in China Solar Valley in the midst of impressive solar buildings with examples of nearly all known and feasible solar technolo-gies. 

The organisers expect this Congress will show that the disaster of the Copenhagen Conference was an unnecessary mistake. Solar Energy offers solutions that are more easily available than is thought in general. And Dezhou shows it can be used.  This congress is a must for all politicians, civil servants, scientists and businessmen with an interest in a sustainable future and a willingness to reach for it.  Attendance of this Congress is very attractive because the organisers have made at-tendance affordable (extra facilities for visitors from developing countries) and high quality local hotels are offered at a low price  as well. 

More information and online registration and reservation on the congress website:

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